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Organisation of events


Events are one of the most effective forms of communication. Why? Because an event is a versatile message. It’s space, people, gathering, fun, professional opportunity, and finally it embodies the goals and visions of companies.

Organizing an event is a great communicational and promotional move, less demanding expenditure-wise but still highly renown. If you confide it to the SAMOSTAMP team of experienced professionals in the field of event organizing, we will create a perfect event for you, one you can be sincerely proud of. This means we create the full scenario of the event, take care of the location rental, set up the most appropriate sound system and we visualize the whole space ( reflectors, laser  lights, …)

Our designers prepare all the necessary materials for this purpose
( invitations, posters, flyers,..). We choose art performers for you (musicians, film and theatre actors, stand-up comedians, presenters,..).
We invite perfect catering services (cold and warm dishes…)and we choose top wine.

Finally, SAMOSTAMP team takes over the complete organization of your event, perfects it to details and executes it professionally.

Would you like to save time and money in organizing events? Contact us and we will prepare a creative offer. We excel by individual approach, creativity, experiences and professional execution that will turn the event into an unforgettable experience.