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Photo, video and music production


Ensure higher ratings of your events in cooperation with our teams of experts. Everything starts with an idea. And it’s exactly to this idea that we focus our motivation in order to find something to make your product highly interesting, unique and attractive. We take photos of the event and make videos from various angles. We make photos and albums already at the event. We do interviews with the performers and viewers. If your event is of a traditional kind, you can analyse it through a video and improve the performance next year. You can use our product for promotional or presentational purposes as well.

We cooperate with well-known musical producers who help you create your musical career. We take care of the PR, marketing, continual promotion in the medias and on social networks as well as the pressclipping.

We are an experienced team, striving constantly towards new ideas of creativity and production in video as well as in photo and music art. Become part of the SAMOSTAMP production story. We are full of ideas that we connect to advanced solutions.

We follow global trends in music, film and photo industry. It’s the only way to create interesting and unique projects. Work, innovativeness, positive attitude and teamworkare key elements that inspire us.

Did you know that you could achieve up to 10 times more view on social networks and web pages using quality videos and professional photographs? All that and much more is the promise we offer you with pride.