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The OneLife Network has a presence spanning across six continents and is felt in almost every country.
The following countries are restricted countries and Marketing Partner Applications may not be accepted from residents within these territories, or there may be limited
payment options available: Iran, Iraq, USA.

Please be advised that it is clearly stated in the OneLife Network Terms & Conditions (, that must be agreed when you joining the OneLife Network that:
“This OneLife Network trademark may not be copied or used partially or as a whole without the Company’s express written consent. Other trademarks appearing on this website may also be a property of the Company or of other owners and may require their explicit consent prior to their use.
Materials provided on the present website are for informational purposes and may be downloaded onto a single computer for personal non-commercial use only, provided that they are not modified in any way, incorporated in other work, or alter or remove any copyright notice of intellectual property. The above rights are non-exclusive license for use and do not constitute any transfer of rights and/or ownership. The said license may be terminated and/or revoked at any time at the Company’s sole discretion.
Regarding the distribution of our products and contact with others, it is of utmost importance to ensure a consistently friendly and secure experience for our clients marked by reliability and fair cooperation with each other and with the entire world of network marketing, while upholding the law and ethical principles.”
Further, please refer to the Independent Marketing Associate (IMA) Agreement ( section 2:
“IMAs are independent contractors. They are not franchisees, joint ventures, partners, employees or agents of the Company, and are prohibited from stating or implying whether orally or in writing, otherwise.” and in the latter: “IMAs may not advertise or promote their IMA business or Company’s business, products or Global Compensation Plan or use Company’s name in any electronic media or transmission, including on the Internet via web sites or otherwise.”
We therefore advise you to read all documents published carefully in the footer of to understand your rights & responsibilities before using the OneLife/OneCoin trademarks.
In summary, you can state in the body text of a website that you are a OneLife IMA, but you are not allowed to use the OneLife/OneCoin brands or logos or signage that might mislead others in thinking you are a representative for the Company.