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There are four types of bonuses that the OneLife Network gives to its members:
1) the start-up bonus, 2) the network bonus, 3) the matching bonus, and 4) the direct sales bonus.

60% of all bonuses are allocated to a member’s cash account and 40% go to their trading account (with the exception of the start-up bonus which is 100% allocated to the trading account).
The bonus round cut-off time is Sunday at 24:00 GMT.
Bonuses are generated each Monday at 16:00 GMT.
Bonuses are allocated to cash and trading accounts one week after their generation, on Mondays at 16:00 GMT.

The opportunity for you to be a part of the OneLife Plan , gives you a complete business model and tools to succeed in your new venture. You get rewarded for your work and there are several support systems in place for you to be able to succeed.
The OneLife Leadership program ranking is based on personal sales volume. To see what requirement you have fulfilled so far and how many you need to accomplish, check your Leadership rank status on the Dashboard of your backoffice.
You have to successfully complete all chapters in your OneAcademy level (given your package) in order to obtain a certificate. After you successfully pass a OneAcademy level, a result page is generated that contains your certificate. You can always download your generated certificate when you log in to OneAcademy.